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Rich and classic flavours of caramel and walnut drive the profile of Hunapu. It’s a round and balanced coffee that falls into the comfortable flavour category. There’s a soft fruit sweetness that reminds us of plums and becomes more prevalent as the cup cools.

Hunapu is a part of a collection of small farmers around the Antigua Valley. These farmers have come together to form a project by the same name. This is the fifth season we've been purchasing coffee from the Hunapu project and there seems to be a town in particular that we've come to enjoy the flavor profile of, Miguel Dueñas. The past four years that we've visited Guatemala, we've cupped through dozens of samples from the Hunapu project and we seem to continually find that the quality of Miguel Dueñas is consistently a point or so higher than the rest - perhaps this is due to higher elevation, cooler nights or just more focus on the plant. Hard to say, but whatever it is, we're big fans of the coffees around Miguel Dueñas. 

Last season we had the opportunity of visiting the town of Miguel Duenas and getting to meet a handful of the farmers contributing their cherry to this project. We were able to tour farms that are contributing their cherry to the project and saw lots of very young coffee plants with healthy tissue - making us optimistic for years to come.
Most of these farms are around three hectares on average - relatively small in the coffee world and a big reason for why they all band together as Hunapu to sell to international markets. Because of their high altitude, these small farms see a cooler climate and less intensified sunlight, forcing the plant and the fruit to develop slower and store more sugars - resulting in the sweetness and creaminess we experience in this cup.

This coffee is collected and processed by Luis Pedro Zelaya at the Bella Vista mill - similar to the rest of our Guatemala offerings. The coffee cherry is processed by mechanical de-pulpers, fermented for 14 to 16 hours and finally washed in concrete channels. Then it is taken to the new drying facilities where the parchment will be monitored, shifted and dried for 16 to 20 days.

Hunapu has a nice clean apple acidity, which finds balance in complimentary date sugar and caramel-like sweet tones. This is a juicy coffee with a very crisp flavor qualities.


Region: Sacatepez
Producer: Community of Miguel Dueñas, "Hunapu Project"
Varietal: Typica + Bourbon
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1650 - 1720m
Tasting Notes: Red Apple, Caramel, Date Sugar
Roasted For: Filter
This is our fourth year supporting the Hunapu community project.
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