It all began when the dream of opening a quality­ driven, community oriented café came true with Rosso opening it's doors in Ramsay, September 2007; Calgary’s newest hidden gem was born. As with any new business venture, challenges and triumphs lay in wait for the future ahead, unknown to David - the visionary behind Rosso - who would spend those first six months working every aspect of the shop by himself. That is, until he hired his first employee in February, the following year.

In December of 2009, the success of fresh pastries, delicious coffee and warm hospitality led to the addition of a new location in Calgary's downtown core. Now, a bustling cafe in the heart of Calgary's downtown theatre and arts district. A short walk from the Telus Convention Centre, where the cafe is located, to City Hall, Olympic Plaza and the famed Glenbow Museum. 

Once again, in 2012 we were able to expand and grow through the support of our city. This year was a game changer for us. In June, we opened our third cafe location in Victoria Park - one of Calgary's oldest and most heritage rich communities. Now, an area in the midst of gentrification through condo developments, the Calgary Flames organization and the Calgary Stampede. 

With three cafes operating in the city, it was time to reshift our business structure. David and his new-business partner and brother, Cole are firm believers of the in-house mentality. At this stage, we had full control over our food program, doing all of our pastries, breads and sandwiches in house. It was time to take our control to the next level, and that meant further control of our coffee program. 

Over a year of research and study in the roasting side of the business led to one of the best choices we've made to date. In November of 2012, we introduced a Probat L12 coffee roaster to our Ramsay location. This was after we spent time in the States, absorbing knowledge from industry professionals and practicing the art of roasting on a 100gram Primo sample roaster. This addition to Rosso meant we were now responsible for sourcing and roasting all the coffee served on location. Allowing us greater control of our production, our craft, and changing the way we look at coffee as a whole. 

As a company, we have now traveled to Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia to purchase green coffee direct from producers and we plan for return visits to harness and build on those relationships - with the same care and intention we maintain relationships with our cafe customers and suppliers. From there, we've introduced weekly quality control programs to further understand the science behind coffee varietals, processing methods, roast profiles, brewing parameters and palette development. 

On February 25th, 2016, we proudly opened the doors to our new flagship location in Inglewood, Calgary. This was the first time we've taken a blank slate space and truly made it our own. Located in one of Calgary's original neighbourhoods, rich with history and bustling with community. This space captures Calgary's wealth of sunshine and redistributes it over it's over a plethora of communal seating. Giving warmth and life to a space designed for communal use. 

On Canada Day, we celebrated the newest addition to Calgary's stretching skyline, the National Music Centre, StudioBell. We are thrilled to have opened our fifth cafe location inside the doors of this iconic building. High ceilings, communal tables and warm interior help compliment the amazing interior inside StudioBell. Located in the East Village of Calgary, a neighbourhood filled with green ways, developing condos, public space and pathways. The city recently deemed the stretch of road from the National Music Center to the end of Inglewood as Music Mile.

Today, no longer as Caffe Rosso, but rather Rosso Coffee Roasters, David's vision is beginning to come into full focus. The partnership of Cole has helped take Rosso a step further with quality, and a few steps deeper into coffee's production. It's important for us to understand where coffee comes from, and how variables at the farm level, the roasting process and through brew method, have diverse effects on how the final cup will taste.

We at Rosso have a firm belief that coffees are individualistic, little story tellers that, when showcased properly are the ultimate reward. These values will be the guiding force of Rosso's future. We will continue to develop the relationships with coffee producers and share their stories as a means to ensure that both producer and consumer is achieving the best possible quality and value. 

At the end of the day, we're trying to facilitate a story of growth and passion. Not just our story, but the story of our coffees, their producers and our partners. 

Cheers, to coffee, and all of its intricacies,

Dave, Cole, and the whole team at Rosso

With Annie and Jose Alvarado of Imperio Rojo