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Hacienda La Papaya / Ecuador Natural Geisha 250g

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kiwi / honeydew melon / lemonade / orange blossom

Sweetness ●●●●● ‎ Acidity ●●●●● ‎ Body ●●●●○


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    Hacienda La Papaya / Ecuador Natural Geisha 250g Gold

    Hacienda La Papaya / Ecuador Natural Geisha 250g

    This is a 250g bag

    kiwi  /  honeydew melon  /  lemonade  /  orange blossom

    Sweetness ●●●●●     Acidity ●●●●●     Body ●●●●○

    This coffee is incredibly sweet with a crisp, citrus acidity, silky body and fragrant tropical notes of melon and kiwi. The aftertaste is like fresh lemonade. A unique cup that's sure to spark inspiration at first sip. Enjoy its vibrant, delightful flavors that linger long after you enjoy it.

    This remarkable Geisha is the first harvest from Hacienda La Papaya, planted in 2018 with seeds sourced from Boquete, Panama. It dazzles the senses with a cup full of complex florals and a honey-like sweetness that lingers in the mouth. A delightful fruit-driven acidity and an incredibly syrupy mouthfeel make this coffee truly unforgettable. The 25-day processing sees the cherries rotated regularly on elevated beds.

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    Varietal Geisha
    Process Natural
    Farm Hacienda La Papaya
    Producer Juna Peña
    Saraguro, Loja, Ecuador
    Rosso Direct Trade  

    About the Farm

    • Hacienda La Papaya is owned and operated by Juan Peña, one of Ecuador's most famous specialty coffee producers. He has been recognized for many top producer awards in Ecuador and throughout the World. His coffee has also been utilized in many Barista Competitions.
    • Juan grows many varieties of coffee at Hacienda La Papaya, most notably Typica, Sidra, Gesha, with others also in production. He is always actively engaged with processing experiments and tries to find the next best practice or method to make improvements to the coffee he produces. With the support of Segundo Cartuche, the team leader for wet processing and coffee drying, Hacienda La Papaya is able to introduce scientific, refined practices and measurements into their production.
    • Juan is an active member of his community, allowing neighbours to utilize his facilities, such as the nursery and the micro-mill, to help the overall sector of La Papaya grow and develop. Segundo Cartuche is an example of this, with his own plot of land and his own production, via the support of Hacienda La Papaya.
    • The coffees produced at Hacienda La Papaya are the result of a meticulous integral process, beginning with the genetics of the seeds in the nursery and knowing the mother plants. Every year the farm experiments with various controlled fermentation and drying, creating some really exquisite flavors in the cup.

    Process: Natural Geisha
    Fermentation: Traditional natural

    Drying time: 30 days in raised beds
    Drying temperature: 22°C Max. - 8°C Min.
    Altitude: 2000 masl
    Region: Saraguro, Loja, Ecuador

    Customer Reviews

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    Jason Varzari

    These beans are great, we are really enjoying the flavours.


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