This is our 'house' espresso. It's smooth, easy to control, sweet and balanced. It holds up to milk with ease and showcases nicely when consumed black.

This history starts in 1977 when Antonio Fortes bought his first piece of land to produce vegetables, bananas and a small amount of coffee. In the first couple of years he noticed that the coffee growing activities were much more cost-effective and started planting more and more seedlings in the period.

After these 2 years increasing the coffee crops and the yield of the farming came a tough moment: a hard hoarfrost which damaged almost 100% of his plantings. Antonio didn’t back down and started all over again. Unfortunately, two years later came another dreadful frost, devastating the crops all over again. And, again, he decided to give another chance for his crops.

This is one of the highest coffee farms in Brazil, and the temperatures are cold at nights and through the winter, leading to difficulties in growth of the plant.

While taking care of his crops, Antonio Fortes discovered that the trees planted in consortium with bananas grew stronger agains the frosts and started to invest in this method of planting.

Discovering the Potential In 2008 Antonio had the first contact with CarmoCoffees, which we've purchased from this season for the first time, and they were responsible for encouraging him to participate in the specialty coffees quality contests. From this moment, Antonio and his family discovered the real potential of the farm production, always well qualified in these contests. Now at 81 years old, he continues to work hard day after day on the farm, taking proper care of the trees and beans.

BSCA Cup of Excellence winners, both in Naturals and Pulped Naturals editions, in several years

The goal for the future? “Improve production quality from the agronomic part to harvesting and processing is my goal. I want to keep my coffees on the top, to match the highness of my own farm, the highestplaced coffee farm in Brazil.”

Click here to see some drone footage of Fazenda Paraiso;

Pronunciation: [Fah-zen-dah Pah-rye-so]
Country: Brazil
Build Date: 1977
First Year Rosso Purchased: 2017

Region: Pedralva, Minas Gerais
Farm: Fazenda Paraíso
Producer Name: Antônio Fortes
Location: Pedralva, MG
Farm area: 90ha
Coffee area: 80ha
Altitude: 1300m ~ 1560m
Processing Method: Natural
Coffee Varieties: Yellow Bourbon, Yellow Catuai
Flavors based on cupping at origin: Brownie, Walnut, All Spice, Subtle Red Fruit