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Cerro Azul—Hybrid Washed Geisha Retail Web Rosso Coffee 200g Whole Bean
Cerro Azul—Hybrid Washed Geisha Retail Web Rosso Coffee

Cerro Azul—Hybrid Washed Geisha

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This cup of geisha has all the qualities of a classic geisha, but it has its complexity turned way up! It is a complex cup with sweet citrus and aromatic florals. There is a juicy quality to this cup that reminds us of ripe grapes and juicy melons. As the cup cools, the intensity of the florals increases—that is, if you have any left!

Cerro Azul is a very famous Colombian farm that solely grows the Geisha varietal. The climatic conditions were deemed ideal for this coffee variety, and now there is an array of bronze-tip and green-tip Geishas planted throughout Cerro Azul. Many times, coffee from Cerro Azul has won National Coffee Championships and has been seen in the World Finals a handful of times.

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Varietal Geisha
Process Hybrid Washed
Farm Granja La Esperanza
Producer Rigoberto & Luis Eduardo Herrera
Trujillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Rosso Direct  

This hybrid wash process is an interesting concept because it involves double fermentation, hence the name "Hybrid." First, the coffee is fermented in whole cherries for approximately 24 hours; following this, the skin is removed, and a second fermentation occurs with the mucilage still coating the parchment for 35 hours.

Cerro Azul is owned by siblings Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera, who come from a longstanding coffee-producing family. They are now third-generation coffee producers, with their grandparents starting in coffee in 1945. When Rigoberto and Luis took over the family operation in the late 90s, they took on the labor-intensive job of pivoting the farms to organic production.

Cerro Azul is a sizeable 20 hectares of land. The Geisha cherry that is produced and harvested here at Cerro Azul is then taken to another of the Herreras' farms, La Esperanza, for processing. This is the first farm to host the Geisha variety in Colombia after Rigoberto brought seeds back from Panama. In 2007, Rigoberto leased and managed a farm in Panama called La Carleida, and in 2008, he won the Best of Panama with the geisha produced there. The same Geisha is now produced at Cerro Azul.

Cafe Granja La Esperanza takes their Geisha very seriously, renovating 60% of the trees with new generation Geisha seeds selected from the previous trees that showed superior productivity, quality, and resistance to disease.


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Cerro Azul—Hybrid Washed Geisha Retail Web Rosso Coffee 200g Whole Bean
Cerro Azul—Hybrid Washed Geisha Retail Web Rosso Coffee

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