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Cafe Granja La Esperanza / Colombia Natural Java 250g

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apricot / pink grapefruit / cacao nibs / lime zest

Sweetness ●●●●○ ‎ Acidity ●●●●● ‎ Body ●●●●○

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Cafe Granja La Esperanza / Colombia Natural Java 250g Gold

Cafe Granja La Esperanza / Colombia Natural Java 250g

This is a 250g bag

apricot  /  pink grapefruit  /  cacao nibs  /  lime zest

Sweetness ●●●●○     Acidity ●●●●●     Body ●●●●○

This coffee is a bright and refreshing delight, offering fragrant grapefruit and apricot notes that awaken the senses. The acidity is vivid, with citrusy undertones, while the body maintains a silky and smooth character. The finish is crisp, leaving you with an enticing interplay of chocolate and lime flavors.

The Java variety has a rich history. Initially brought to Java in the 19th century by the Dutch under the assumption that it was Typica, it later made its way to Cameroon in the mid-20th century. Recognized for its partial tolerance to coffee berry disease (CBD), it became a valuable option for smallholder farmers in Africa. Genetic analysis revealed its Ethiopian origin as a selection from an Abysinia landrace. In 1991, it was introduced to Costa Rica by CIRAD, offering a promising solution for smallholders, even before CBD was a concern in Central America. Although distributed to PROMECAFE countries, it wasn't officially adopted.

Panama embraced Java in 2016, appreciating its quality and resilience as an alternative to Geisha. It offers better resistance to coffee leaf rust and CBD, making it a wise choice for small farmers.

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Varietal Java
Process Natural
Farm Finca La Esperanza
Producer Cafe Granja La Esperanza
Trujillo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Rosso Direct Trade   

About the Farm

La Esperanza is under the ownership of siblings Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera, who hail from a longstanding family deeply rooted in coffee production. They are now third-generation coffee producers, with their family's coffee legacy dating back to 1945 when their grandparents, Juan Antonio Herrera and Blanca Ligia Correa, initiated their coffee journey at the Potosi farm. They started with existing Typica plants and later introduced three more cultivars: Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, and Caturra, marking the establishment of Cafe Granja La Esperanza. Following their grandparents' footsteps, Rigoberto and Luis acquired the land that became Finca La Esperanza and expanded their commitment to organic coffee production.

La Esperanza is a diverse coffee estate, with numerous coffee varieties cultivated. This farm, the second in their portfolio, spans approximately 35 hectares and features a processing facility where Cerro Azul and La Esperanza coffees are meticulously crafted.

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