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Abu Coffee / Panama Natural Geisha Lot GN-1725 100g

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kiwi / black cherry / pink lemonade / white wine / caramel

Sweetness ●●●●○ ‎ Acidity ●●●●○ ‎ Body ●●●●●

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Abu Coffee / Panama Natural Geisha Lot GN-1725 100g Gold

Abu Coffee / Panama Natural Geisha Lot GN-1725 100g

This is a 100g bag

ABU Coffee's Panama Natural Geisha Lot GN-1725 is a quintessential example of Geisha coffee, renowned for its exceptional mouthfeel and fruit-forward profile. This exquisite coffee from Hacienda Cañas Verdes in Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama, showcases the dedication and vision of José Guillermo Luttrell Tedman, the third generation of coffee producers.

Flavour Profile:

  • Kiwi: Adds a refreshing and juicy acidity.
  • Black Cherry: Contributes deep, ripe fruit notes.
  • Pink Lemonade: Offers invigorating freshness.
  • White Wine: Provides a comforting and elegant texture.
  • Caramel: Delivers a delightful underpinning of sweetness.


  • Sweetness: ●●●●○
  • Acidity: ●●●●○
  • Body: ●●●●●

ABU Coffee's harmonious blend of sweetness, acidity, and full body promises a memorable coffee experience, grown with the utmost dedication to quality and the highest standards.

*Please note that Gold Series coffees are excluded from regular discounts & promotions.

Varietal Geisha
Process Natural
Farm Hacienda Cañas Verdes
Producer José Luttrell
Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama
Rosso Direct Trade  

About the Farm

  • ABU COFFEE, a relatively young Geisha coffee farm with just six years of production, has consistently participated in the renowned Best of Panama Competition, showcasing the high-quality standards and consistency of its processes. Their journey began in the 2017 Best of Panama Competition when they entered their Geisha Washed coffee and secured the sixth place with a remarkable score of 91.52 points. Since then, they have continually ranked among the top 15 coffees in the Best of Panama Competition, consistently receiving scores above 90.25 points.
  • ABU COFFEE is cultivated in the Cañas Verdes region of Boquete, characterized by a humid and rainy microclimate typical of the tropical forest. Coffee trees thrive on the slopes of Volcán Barú National Park, benefiting from fertile, well-drained volcanic soils enriched with organic matter. The farm's average altitude is 1,550 meters above sea level. The shade for the coffee plantation is provided by native trees that coexist with the local flora and fauna, contributing to environmental sustainability and biodiversity. The farm's strategic location ensures abundant sunlight throughout the coffee-growing process, occasionally interrupted by the soft tropical mist known locally as "Bajareque" and shrouded in thick fog during mornings and sunsets.
  • The coffee harvest season typically begins in the summer, around December, and continues until March when humidity levels drop. The natural shade and the influence of the Bajareque mist create an ideal environment for cherries to reach their full potential. This process optimally intensifies the sugars and enhances the flavor of the coffee beans. The virgin rainforests surrounding ABU COFFEE's plantations create an extraordinary climate that results in a unique combination of characteristics, giving their Geisha and Catuai coffees distinct personality, intense juicy flavors, and aromatic floral notes.
  • ABU COFFEE is a tribute to the memory of José Guillermo Luttrell Tedman, a third-generation coffee producer. It aims to continue his dream of achieving the best-balanced coffee cup by raising Geisha coffee to the highest quality standards. The name "ABU," a shortened form of "Abuelo" (grandfather in Spanish), was what his grandchildren used to call him. It represents the legacy of this visionary and passionate lover of Boquete and specialty coffee, which they are dedicated to preserving for future generations.

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