Sip on Something Special: Meet Gesha Village

Gesha Village, Bench Maji Zone, Ethiopia

At Rosso Coffee Roasters, we believe that knowing the origin of your coffee can enhance your appreciation and enjoyment of the wonderful beverage of coffee. That's why we're excited to introduce you to Gesha Village, the birthplace of one of the world's most celebrated coffee varieties. 

Located in the Bench Maji Zone of southwestern Ethiopia, Gesha Village is a coffee farm that has gained global recognition for its exceptional coffee beans, particularly the Gesha variety. This variety takes its name from the village where it was first discovered, and is prized for its unique and complex flavor profile of sweet stone fruit, expressive florals, and a long, clean finish. 

Gesha Village isn't just about producing amazing coffee. They're also committed to supporting their local community through education and environmental initiatives. The farm operates a school that provides free education to over 200 children, and a nursery program that helps to preserve and propagate endangered plant species in the region. So, when you sip on Gesha Village coffee, you're not just getting a tasty caffeine hit, you're also helping them do some good for their communities!


Current Release:

Natural Illubabor Heirloom

This is lot 24 of the 2022 harvest from Gesha Village's Gaylee block. This block is named after the nearby southeast-facing neighbourhood where the farm's water source is located. We picked this lot for its berry-like characteristics and delightful red fruit flavours!

The Gaylee block exclusively grows the Illubabor Forest varietal, which was discovered in nearby areas. The coffee is sun-dried for 28 days on raised beds mixed with shade, without any intentional fermentation stage utilized. This process helps to develop the coffee's unique flavour profile, resulting in a delicious cup with notes of red fruit and other flavourful characteristics.

*Nelson's notes!

I found Illubabor's acidity really shines when brewing with cooler temperature water, I usually brew at 92°c but for this coffee I found the best results at 88°c!

My Recipe
21g of Illubabor ground medium coarse (8.2 on my ek43) 
340g hot water at 88°c
V60 brewer with V60 filter paper (tabbed)

  1. Start timer, pour 75g in slow circles
  2. @1:00, pour 125g in slow circles again, washing down the sides, scale will read 200g 
  3. @1:40 pour 100g in the middle slowly, scale will read 300g
  4. @2:30 pour 40g in slow circles, washing down the sides, scale will read 340g

All of my brew choices here are made to highlight Illubabor's lively acidity, and as the cup cools the acidity becomes juicy and sweet. 

  Cup of Gesha Village coffee

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