Meet Saket Sunrise: A Unique Thai Coffee Experience

Exciting news for coffee lovers: Saket Sunrise Coffee has landed! This is our first single origin coffee from Thailand, and it’s worth the attention.

What’s in the Cup: Saket Sunrise offers a balanced blend of black cherry, orange, and nougat flavours. Expect a medium, smooth body with a hint of lactic acidity, making it an easy and delightful coffee to enjoy at any time of the day.

Why It’s Special: This Thai coffee is our latest addition to the seasonal single origin lineup. It’s here for a limited time, come back the Monday of each month for a new Single-Origin offering, with each offering bringing a unique flavour profile.

Brewing Recommendation: For an optimal Saket Sunrise experience, we suggest a pour-over using the Kalita Wave 185 Brewer & Filter. Follow this recipe for a delightful brew:

  • 23g of Saket Sunrise, ground medium-coarse
  • 380g hot water at 96°c

Start your timer and begin pouring 85g of water in slow circles. At the 1:00 mark, pour an additional 165g in slow circles, making sure to wash down the sides; your scale should read 250g. At 1:40, pour the remaining 130g of water directly in the middle, bringing the scale to 380g. Then, simply wait, enjoy the aroma, and get ready to savour your perfect cup of Saket Sunrise!

Saket Sunrise is your ticket to explore the flavours of Thai coffee. It’s a limited-time treat, so grab yours and start brewing!

Ready to dive into a unique coffee experience? Order Saket Sunrise today, and embark on a flavourful adventure with every cup!

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