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When we talk coffee brewers, we're looking for something that's functional, durable and allows us the room to manipulate variables to enhance flavour. Simple, quick and easy are three words to describe the Aeropress. You get the best of both worlds of coffee brewing with the features of both an immersion and a filter brewer, allowing you to create your own personal brewstyle. 

Paul, the Head Roaster at Rosso, came second in the 2018 National Aeropress Championships. If you'd like to try his recipe, here it is here;

Paul's Silver Medal Recipe in 10 steps

  1. You'll need 350 mL of water at 89 Celsius. 
  2. While your kettle is heating grind 32g of coffee at a medium coarse grind setting. Remove the *fines by shaking your grinds in a paper cup.
  3. Carefully pour 30g into an inverted Aeropress making sure not to include the fines.
  4. Zero Aeropress on a scale, add 160ml of water, start timer and stir rapidly 30 times.
  5. Rinse paper filter and place on top of Aeropress with cap.
  6. Remove Aeropress from the scale and zero a sturdy jug on the scale and remove.
  7. When timer reaches 2 mins flip and press slowly into the jug.
  8. Place jug back on scale, you should have 115-120ml of concentrate.
  9. Dilute with hot water until final brew is approx 260-270ml depending on taste.
  10. Kick back, relax and enjoy!
*Fines are small particles of coffee that are a byproduct of coffee grinding. They are microscopic, near dust size, and can cause a brew to over-extract, tasting dry or bitter.


The Aeropress offers you the flexibility to brew a number of different ways.  For other recipes that might better fit your brew style, take a look at some of the best recipes here;

If you often find yourself on the road, we'd recommend the Aeropress along with a Porlex Tall Grinder - a match made in road trip heaven

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