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Winter Spice Holiday Blend Retail Web Staples
Winter Spice / Holiday Blend Retail Web Staples

Winter Spice / Holiday Blend

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mulling spices / chocolate orange / sticky toffee pudding

Sweetness ●●●○○‎ ‎ Acidity ●●○○○‎ ‎ Body ●●●○○


    We source directly from producers when we can to make sure the most profit gets to the farmer. Our sourcing values are shown through our icons on each of our coffee labels and on the back of our coffee bags.


    Once your order is received, it will be processed and shipped in 1-3 days.

    Free delivery in Calgary for orders over $20. (in city limits)
    Free delivery across Canada & the US for orders over $75

    Biotrē Bags 2.0

    Our 340g and 2lb coffee bags are made entirely of from plant materials and breakdown in a relatively short period of time.

     Biotrē 2.0 FAQ 

    Are these bags completely compostable?
    No, due to the inner lining made of sugar cane. However, this layer is made sustainably with 100% renewable material (meaning not made of fossil fuels, but instead bio-based and natural resources that can be replenished through a natural process).

    That’s not all. About 60% of the bag components break down under standard composting conditions, so they can be partially composted in your back yard compost. Go earth!

    Can I put this in the city compost?

    You should not put these bags in the Calgary city compost, due to rudimentary composting facilities. However, you can compost the outer lining in a healthy home compost which will break down within 12 weeks. Dispose of the sugar cane layer in the garbage afterward.

    What if I don't have access to a backyard compost?
    Please dispose of the bags in the garbage. It may feel wasteful, however, these bags will break down at least 10 times faster in a landfill vs other coffee bags because of the plant-based materials they're made with.

    How are these bags better for the environment?
    The plant-based components that go into Biotre® 2.0 absorb the greenhouse gas CO2 through natural plant respiration prior to being used. Manufacturing these bags produces a significantly smaller carbon footprint (as much as 60% less from the typical coffee bags). They break down much faster in the landfill as well. We're talking 5-10 years vs 100 years, which is the time it takes for most other coffee bags to break down!


    Our 340g and 2lb bags are made with Biotrē 2.0 materials, which are 60% compostable and 100% renewable, including the valve!

    Additional FAQ on our new bags

    What’s the difference between the red bag and the black bag?
    The red bag contains the coffees with an acidity rating from 3-5. The black bag contains coffees with an acidity rating of 2 or lower.
    In summary: coffees that are a little more adventurous—red; comfortable and more classic coffees—black.

    How does the Sweetness, Acidity, and Body Scale work?

    This is an internal scale from 0-5 comparing our own coffees. Each coffee is cupped and the sweetness, acidity, and body are rated. Keep in mind that different brewing methods may affect results.

    Why isn’t my phone reading the QR code?

    If you’re using an iPhone, you may need to use your QR Code Scanner instead of your camera app. The QR Code Scanner is located in the Control Centre.


    Winter Spice Holiday Blend Retail Web Staples
    Winter Spice / Holiday Blend Retail Web Staples

    Winter Spice / Holiday Blend

    mulling spices  /  chocolate orange  /  sticky toffee pudding

    Sweetness ●●●○○     Acidity ●●○○○     Body ●●●○○

    Warm up your winter mornings with our Winter Spice Coffee, a harmonious blend sourced from the lush terrains of Brazil, Rwanda, and Colombia. Each sip unveils a dance of mulling spices, reminiscent of cozy holiday evenings, complemented by the rich undertones of chocolate orange and the indulgent sweetness of sticky toffee pudding.

    This blend brings together the unique characteristics of the Castillo varietal from Colombia, processed using the ice natural method by producer Felipe Arcila; the Yellow Bourbon from Brazil, naturally processed by Helcio Carneiro Pinto; and a washed Red Bourbon from Rugali, curated by Muraho Trading Co in Rwanda.

    Elevate your coffee experience and immerse yourself in the seasonal magic of our limited-release Winter Spice. It's not just coffee; it's a journey through the world's finest coffee regions, right in your mug.

    Brazil Rwanda Colombia
    Varietal Yellow Bourbon
    Red Bourbon
    Process Natural Washed
    Ice Natural
    Producer Helcio Carneiro Pinto
    Muraho Trading co
    Felipe Arcila
    Rosso Direct      

    About the Farm

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 30 reviews

    Delicious! I definitely recommend this one for a strong flavour profile.

    Very Christmasy

    My first time buying Rossi and it did not disappoint. Almost mistaken it for mulled wine, we love it a lot!

    Not for me

    Nothing wrong with this coffee but didn’t suit my tastes.

    Geoffrey Brown

    Winter Spice / Holiday Blend

    Surprisingly delightful

    We don’t usually reach for a bean that is flavoured, but this coffee was full and delicious. We went through our bag much quicker than anticipated.

    Biotre bags are made 100% from plant based material.

    Both the manufacturing and disposing process is better for the environment.

    Composting Biotrē Bags

    You can compost the outer lining in a healthy home compost, which will break down within 12 weeks.