Kalita Wave 185 Brew Guide

A unique brewer from Japan, the Kalita Wave 185, is a flat bottomed brewer. The Kalita Wave 185 gets its name from the wavy filters the brewer use. The filters measure 185mm in diameter. This brewer is designed with control and consistency in mind. Because of its flat bottom and wave filters, the Kalita Wave offers brew benefits such as: temperature stability, controlled flow rate and consistency in extraction. There are three small holes at the bottom of this brewer that controls the flow rate when brewing. The waves in the filter provides temperature stability, as it creates distance between your coffee bed and the sides of the brewer.   

We love this brewer for its consistency and even extractions, its our brewer of choice at our cafes!


Here is the basic recipe we use at our Inglewood location.

We typically use 21-23g of coffee ground medium-coarse and 350g of boiling water.  

  1. Weigh out coffee and grind.
  2. Rinse filter to prepare for brewing and preheating.
  3. Start your timer and begin pouring 90g of water in a circle.
  4. When your timer hits 0:45, pour in 160g of water in a circle or until your scale reads 250g.
  5. When your timer hits 1:30, pour in 100g of water in a circle or until your scale reads 350g.
  6. Your brew should finish at around the 3:00 mark.


If you want to try a different Kalita brew method, you can watch Cole brew one here!

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