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Finca Deborah / Panama Washed CM 'Illumination' Geisha 250g

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oolong tea / honey / mandarin / rose

Sweetness ●●●●● ‎ Acidity ●●●○○ ‎ Body ●●●○○


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    Finca Deborah / Panama Washed CM &

    Finca Deborah / Panama Washed CM 'Illumination' Geisha 250g

    This is a 250g bag

    oolong tea  /  honey  /  mandarin  /  rose

    Sweetness ●●●●●     Acidity ●●●○○     Body ●●●○○

    This multifaceted coffee offers a delightful journey for your palate, revealing intricate notes of oolong tea, sweet floral honey, zesty mandarin orange, the subtle crunch of cacao nib, and a hint of rose. The body is richly creamy, enveloping your senses, while the acidity strikes a perfect balance between brightness and sweetness.

    "Illumination" is a classic washed carbonic maceration process, and to Jamison, this signifies a meticulous approach. Only perfectly ripe cherries, with a sugar content of 21 to 24 BRIX, are hand-selected and pulped. The coffee then undergoes an extended period of fermentation in stainless steel tanks, with close monitoring of factors like pH, temperature, and CO2 levels. Once the desired targets are achieved, the coffee is carefully placed on shaded raised beds, shielded from UV light until it reaches the ideal moisture level, ensuring the development of a truly exceptional coffee

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    Varietal Geisha
    Process 'Illumination' Washed Carbonic Maceration
    Farm Finca Deborah
    Producer Jamison Savage
    Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama 
    Rosso Direct Trade  

    About the Farm

    Finca Deborah, located in the picturesque Los Pozos micro-region of Volcan, Panama, is a coffee farm of exceptional beauty and distinction. It has earned a place among the most awarded coffee farms globally, with notable success in various World Coffee Competitions. Notably, Finca Deborah holds the honor of being the home to the only Geisha coffee that has ever won the World Barista Championship, achieved by Berg Wu in 2016.

    The stewardship of Jamison Savage and his family is responsible for the marvels of Finca Deborah. The farm's elevation ranges from 1,900 meters to over 2,000 meters. This unique microclimate features a lush rainforest canopy, dense cloud cover, and a strong commitment to natural and biodynamic agriculture, resulting in one of the most breathtaking terroirs in the world of coffee.

    The coffee at Finca Deborah undergoes a meticulous fermentation process that involves the infusion of additional Cascara (coffee cherry husks) to enhance flavor complexity. The cherries are pulped and fermented in stainless steel tanks for an extended duration, with continuous monitoring of factors like pH, temperature, and CO2 levels.

    Following fermentation, the coffee is carefully dried over a period of more than two weeks on shaded raised beds. The drying temperature is maintained within a range of 11°C to 24°C, allowing for optimal development of the coffee's unique flavors.

    The farm's high-altitude location at 1,900 meters above sea level contributes to the exceptional quality and characteristics of the coffee produced at Finca Deborah.

    Customer Reviews

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    Kanye Lur
    Espresso for Illumination Gesha

    Really clean cup with upfront orange notes. Medium acidity, high sweetness, low bitterness, superb as an espresso and great for 4oz white.


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