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Cafe Granja La Esperanza / Colombia Ave De Paraiso Honey Sidra 100g

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plum / dried fig / rose / lemon zest / dark chocolate

Sweetness ●●●●○ ‎ Acidity ●●●○○ ‎ Body ●●●●○


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    Cafe Granja La Esperanza / Colombia Ave De Paraiso Honey Sidra 100g Gold

    Cafe Granja La Esperanza / Colombia Ave De Paraiso Honey Sidra 100g

    This is a 100g bag

    plum  /  dried fig  /  rose  /  lemon zest  /  dark chocolate

    Sweetness ●●●●○     Acidity ●●●○○     Body ●●●●●

    The cherries underwent a carefully managed fermentation process that spanned approximately 3 days in anaerobic tanks. Following this, they were de-pulped and underwent a secondary fermentation phase, with the mucilage, for about 4 days. After completing the fermentation process, the coffee was meticulously dried, with the mucilage intact, for 13 days using mechanical dryers.

    The inception of Sidra cultivation at Potosi farm traces back to a journey in 2016 when the first Sidra seeds were acquired from the province of Pichinca in Ecuador's Canton Quito, Parroquia Nanegal. After their arrival, a nursery was established in October 2016, and by April 2017, the young Sidra coffee plants were transplanted to the field. Potosi farm now boasts approximately 3800 Sidra trees cultivated across 1.5 hectares, with the primary harvest occurring between the end of April and the beginning of June.

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    Varietal Sidra
    Process Honey
    Farm Finca Potosi
    Producer Cafe Granja La Esperanza
    Caicedonia, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
    Rosso Direct Trade  

    About the Farm

    Potosi is a coffee farm owned by siblings Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera, who are third-generation coffee producers from a family deeply rooted in the coffee industry. Their coffee legacy traces back to their grandparents, Juan Antonio Herrera and Blanca Ligia Correa, who embarked on their coffee careers in 1945 at the Potosi farm. They initially purchased the land, which already featured Typica coffee plants, and subsequently introduced three more coffee cultivars: Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, and Caturra, marking the inception of Cafe Granja La Esperanza.

    In the late '90s, Rigoberto and Luis assumed the family's coffee operations and embraced the labor-intensive task of transitioning the farms to organic production. Soon after taking the reins, they acquired the land that is now known as Finca La Esperanza, significantly expanding their commitment to organic coffee production.

    Over the past 30 years of ownership and management, they have conducted substantial renovations on the farms. They have planted new and exotic coffee varieties across the 52 productive hectares of the Potosi Farm. At Potosi, they cultivate classic Colombian coffee varieties like Caturra, Colombia, and Tabi, alongside exquisite exotics such as Geisha, Sidra, San Juan, Mandela, SL28, and more.

    In addition to their exceptional farming practices, the Herrera siblings are pioneers in the realm of coffee processing. They consistently explore innovative techniques and processes to elevate the quality of their coffees.

    This particular harvest of Sidra is significant for Cafe Granja La Esperanza, as it represents one of their initial forays into cultivating this variety. They procured the Sidra seeds during a trip to Ecuador in 2016 and subsequently established a Sidra nursery later that year, marking the beginning of their journey with this unique coffee variety.

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