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Finca Deborah Natural CM 'Vivid' Geisha

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This is a 150g bag, to ensure you receive a fresh roast, this coffee is roasted every Friday this December!


Sweetness ●●●●●     Acidity ●●●○○     Body ●●●○○

The cup profile of "Vivid" is incredibly elegant and complex—an exceptionally vibrant  Panamanian Geisha. The florals are wild, the citrus and stone fruit are pronounced, and the overall attributes are of higher intensity. This is a prime example of the coffee processing method complimenting the terroir, and bringing the flavour to an entirely new degree! 

Varietal Geisha
Process 'Vivid' Natural Carbonic Maceration, Washed to finish
Farm Finca Deborah
Producer Jamison Savage
Los Pozos, Volcan, Panama
Rosso Direct  


Finca Deborah is an absolutely gorgeous coffee farm in the Los Pozos micro-region of Volcan, Panama. It is one of the most awarded coffee farms on the planet, having significant success in all World Coffee Competitions—Finca Deborah is the home to the only Geisha to have ever won the World Barista Championship, Berg Wu in 2016.

Jamison Savage and his family are the ones to thank for the wonders of Finca Deborah. The farm starts at 1900 meters and climbs to over 2000. The rainforest canopy, dense cloud coverage and a vision for natural and bio-dynamic agriculture leads way to one of the most stunning terroirs the coffee world has known.

Master of the details, Jamison is also known for meticulous processing and a vast array of styles. Jamison is said to be one of the first producers to utilize carbonic maceration processing technique in the world of coffee—an innovation brought upon his deep and immense appreciation for the world of wine.

Fermentation: Vivid is a combo process. First, it's a whole cherry natural Carbonic Maceration, meaning red-ripe cherries spend over 50 hours in sealed stainless steel tanks which are charged with CO2. Once the cherries are removed from the tanks, they're pulped and placed in shaded raised beds, where it will remain away from UV light until ideal moisture levels are achieved.

An exclusive chance to order some of the best coffees in the world with highly innovative varieties and processing methods. Brimming with distinctive flavour notes, one of these extremely limited editions will release on the 15th of every month, and will be available to preorder for two weeks.


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Finca Deborah Natural CM &

Customer Reviews

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The tasting notes are right on. Delicious and sweet ,Love this one The Gold Series is fantastic Glad I bought two one on sale !


You know when you walk into Muji where the aroma diffusers are or going into Lush and you're bombarded with a bunch of amazing smells? This is the best analogy I can give for this coffee. Simply pleasurable. It reminds me of many aromas and flavours, bergamot being pronounced with sweet orange and a combinations of so many florals. You will not be disappointed!!!

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