Clever Dripper Guide

The Clever dripper is as easy to use as it is to clean. A fool-proof and inexpensive full-immersion method of brewing coffee. The brewer uses a similar brew method to the french press. The key difference is the steep and release mechanism. The resulting coffee retains much of the delicious body of a french press, but does away with the sediment due to the paper filter. The steep-and-release mechanism means that you can accurately control the brewing and extract the coffee directly into your mug with no mess. After you are done brewing, just toss out the paper filter and rinse your Clever! 


  1. Rinse your paper filter.
  2. Grind 25g of coffee on a coarse setting.
  3. Put coffee into the Clever and shake to even out the bed.
  4. Add 75g of water.
  5. Stir the grinds with a spoon.
  6. At 0:30 pour 350g of water for a total of 425g of water.
  7. At 2:00 drain into your cup!

Here's Cole with an instructional video,

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