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Currant Mood / Kenya Retail Web Single Origin
Currant Mood / Kenya Retail Web Single Origin

Currant Mood / Kenya

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toffee / blackcurrant / lemongrass

Sweetness ●●●●○ Acidity ●●●●● Body ●●●○○


    We source directly from producers when we can to make sure the most profit gets to the farmer. Our sourcing values are shown through our icons on each of our coffee labels and on the back of our coffee bags.


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    Biotrē Bags 2.0

    Our 340g and 2lb coffee bags are made entirely of from plant materials and breakdown in a relatively short period of time.

     Biotrē 2.0 FAQ 

    Are these bags completely compostable?
    No, due to the inner lining made of sugar cane. However, this layer is made sustainably with 100% renewable material (meaning not made of fossil fuels, but instead bio-based and natural resources that can be replenished through a natural process).

    That’s not all. About 60% of the bag components break down under standard composting conditions, so they can be partially composted in your back yard compost. Go earth!

    Can I put this in the city compost?

    You should not put these bags in the Calgary city compost, due to rudimentary composting facilities. However, you can compost the outer lining in a healthy home compost which will break down within 12 weeks. Dispose of the sugar cane layer in the garbage afterward.

    What if I don't have access to a backyard compost?
    Please dispose of the bags in the garbage. It may feel wasteful, however, these bags will break down at least 10 times faster in a landfill vs other coffee bags because of the plant-based materials they're made with.

    How are these bags better for the environment?
    The plant-based components that go into Biotre® 2.0 absorb the greenhouse gas CO2 through natural plant respiration prior to being used. Manufacturing these bags produces a significantly smaller carbon footprint (as much as 60% less from the typical coffee bags). They break down much faster in the landfill as well. We're talking 5-10 years vs 100 years, which is the time it takes for most other coffee bags to break down!


    Our 340g and 2lb bags are made with Biotrē 2.0 materials, which are 60% compostable and 100% renewable, including the valve!

    Additional FAQ on our new bags

    What’s the difference between the red bag and the black bag?
    The red bag contains the coffees with an acidity rating from 3-5. The black bag contains coffees with an acidity rating of 2 or lower.
    In summary: coffees that are a little more adventurous—red; comfortable and more classic coffees—black.

    How does the Sweetness, Acidity, and Body Scale work?

    This is an internal scale from 0-5 comparing our own coffees. Each coffee is cupped and the sweetness, acidity, and body are rated. Keep in mind that different brewing methods may affect results.

    Why isn’t my phone reading the QR code?

    If you’re using an iPhone, you may need to use your QR Code Scanner instead of your camera app. The QR Code Scanner is located in the Control Centre.


    Currant Mood / Kenya Retail Web Single Origin
    Currant Mood / Kenya Retail Web Single Origin

    Currant Mood / Kenya

    toffee / blackcurrant / lemongrass

    Sweetness ●●●●○     Acidity ●●●●●     Body ●●●○○

    A refreshing and sweet delight, this AA washed Kenyan coffee bursts with juicy acidity and brown sugar sweetness. Discover nuanced flavors of blackcurrant, toffee, and lemongrass, creating a harmonious and vibrant cup.

    Varietal SL28, SL34, Ruiru 11, Batian
    Process Washed
    Producer Kiri Coffee Factory
    Geography Kirinyaga, Kenya

    About the Farm

    • Kiri Coffee Factory, established in 1997, occupies a 5-acre plot serving Gitumbi, Kirunyuini, Kerere, and Kaboia Villages. Currently affiliated with Ngiriambu Farmers Co-operative Society Ltd., it houses the society's headquarters. Located in Central Province, Kirinyaga County, in Njukiini location of Gichugu Division near Kianyaga town, it boasts a membership of 1400 farmers, with 1200 active and 200 inactive members.
    • Situated at an average elevation of 1800masl, the area experiences moderate bimodal rainfall of about 1200mm annually, with temperatures ranging from 13 to 25 degrees Celsius. Long rains occur between March and May, while short rains come between October and December. The region operates on a biennial production cycle, with early harvest from April to June and a late second season from October to December.
    • The primary coffee varieties grown include SL28, SL34, and Ruiru 11, with SL28 and SL34 comprising 99% of the total production. After pulping, the coffee undergoes overnight fermentation to break down sugars before being cleaned, soaked, and spread out on raised drying tables. Drying duration depends on climate, temperature, and total production volume, typically lasting 7 to 15 days, with continuous sorting and hand turning of parchment throughout the process.
    • In alignment with increasing environmental awareness, the factory has constructed wastewater soak pits away from water sources, allowing wastewater to soak back into the soil. While wastewater treatment is not currently practiced, the society encourages tree planting on member farms.
    • Managed by a factory manager overseeing all activities, the factory staff weigh, select, and grade coffee, pay farmers, and address complaints. Affiliate members handle all agronomic activities, including sourcing coffee from the Coffee Research Station, adhering to guidelines for planting, weeding, pruning, spraying, fertilizer application, and mulching. Technical advice is provided through farmer training programs and field visits by the Ministry of Agriculture, with compliance supervised by a field committee, ensuring adherence to guidelines such as avoiding intercropping with maize and beans, though intercropping with macadamia trees is permitted.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Mariia Direktorenko

    Currant Mood / Kenya

    Currant Mood

    A very good coffee. The blackcurrants are definitely on display as an espresso.

    Sean Cowie
    Currant Mood

    Sweet and quite herbal with an acidic finish

    Mickey Horvath
    Nice Coffee

    This coffee has a nice balance of sweetness, body, and acidity. The aroma is fantastic. Drinking this coffee in the morning makes the whole morning experience that much better.

    Brad S
    Currant Mood: Over the Moon!

    Loved this coffee, toffee & black currant notes are stunning.

    Biotre bags are made 100% from plant based material.

    Both the manufacturing and disposing process is better for the environment.

    Composting Biotrē Bags

    You can compost the outer lining in a healthy home compost, which will break down within 12 weeks.