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La Soledad / Ecuador Wave Natural Typica Mejorado 250g Gold
La Soledad / Ecuador Wave Natural Typica Mejorado 250g Gold

La Soledad / Ecuador Wave Natural Typica Mejorado 250g

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apricot / mandarin / strawberry kombucha

Sweetness ●●●●● ‎ Acidity ●●●●○ ‎ Body ●●●●● ‎


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    La Soledad / Ecuador Wave Natural Typica Mejorado 250g Gold
    La Soledad / Ecuador Wave Natural Typica Mejorado 250g Gold

    La Soledad / Ecuador Wave Natural Typica Mejorado 250g

    This is a 250g bag

    apricot  /  mandarin  /  strawberry kombucha

    Sweetness ●●●●○     Acidity ●●●●●     Body ●●●●○

    Experience the crisp and refreshing allure of this bright coffee, a tantalizing journey that will leave your taste buds tingling! Revel in the complexity of fruit notes, where rhubarb, kiwi, and apricot converge in a harmonious blend. A fragrant honeyed sweetness adds depth, leading to a delightful finish with hints of cacao nib.

    The term "Mejorado," translating to "improved" in Spanish, pertains to efforts within coffee varietals to enhance specific traits. This can encompass improved disease resistance, pest resilience, increased yield, adaptability to particular climates, or enhancements in the overall cup profile.

    In the case of 'Wave,' the reference is to a temperature wave. This involves a controlled transition from higher to lower temperatures, utilizing fermentation tanks and refrigeration in a sustained manner. This process is designed to maintain the viability of the coffee embryo, contributing to the unique characteristics of the final product.

    *Please note that Gold Series coffees are excluded from regular discounts & promotions.

    Varietal Typica Mejorado
    Process Wave Natural
    Farm Finca La Soledad
    Producer Pepe Jijon
    Intag Valley, Ecuador
    Rosso Direct Trade  

    About the Farm

    • Finca La Soledad is a farm that was purchased in 2010, by Pepe and his father, while working for the Red Cross in Ecuador. Based in Intag Valley in the North of Ecuador. Traditionally, Intag is not a coffee producing region and more so positioned as a mining region. If you look on a map, this is relatively close to the Colombian border and the department of Nariño. Pepe purchased this land to develop coffee and soon found a bigger purpose, hiring locals in the region to protect them from the damages that the mining industry has left in this area. Mainly hiring women in the region, Pepe provides a stable income, paying them weekly and working to support their families.
    • Of the 120 hectares, there are 4 hectares currently planted in coffee, with Typica Mejorado, Sidra and Gesha. At one point there were 20 hectares planted, with majority of Castillo, though the volatility in the market made it challenging to continue with this amount of coffee, so Pepe made the tough decision to just keep the three aforementioned varietals. Ecuador has ridden a rollercoaster in the coffee sector in terms of pricing. The remaining 110+ hectares of La Soledad are composed of a dense cloud forest canopy filled with biodiversity, as well as a once-operational sugarcane production. The belief is biodiversity will drive the quality of the coffee, not human created inputs.
    • When working with his crew, Pepe brews them coffee during their efforts to ensure they have an understanding of the depth and beauty of coffee. He believes that it's important for the people who work in coffee to also drink coffee and have a sense of what it is their producing and how their efforts might elevate or hinder the quality.
    • At the beginning, Pepe had the support of a cooperative in the Intag region which was 100% organic. He explained the challenges of starting a coffee farm from a 100% organic stand point. At a certain point, he left the umbrella of the cooperative and changed his philosophies. Today, the production is semi-organic, fully shaded, with a biodynamic approach. "It's less important to replicate processes and instead, I place the importance on listening to nature."
    • Beyond producing coffee, Pepe is also heavily focused in roasting and sharing coffee in the local markets, so a secondary brand exists called Instinto to roast at origin and provide a lab space for quality control. The goal with this brand is to roast and ensure that the beautiful coffees of Finca La Soledad, and friends of Pepe within the country, and even famed producers in other countries, can be featured and shared within Ecuador. "Roasting at origin and at the farm is so magical, it's so beautiful, and it opens my eyes and others to the wonders of coffee."
    • Prior to coffee, Pepe was the first Latin American to solo climb all 7 summits - the highest summit on each continent. From explorer, and mountain climber, to coffee producer and green planet advocate.

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    Review of La soledad typica mejorado

    Clean, sweet, smooth, taste like strawberry jam in yogurt .


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