Limited Release Coffee

Dive into a curated collection of coffees that stand apart. Our Limited Release Coffees are not just beverages; they're experiences. Handpicked for their unique profiles, these beans are the epitome of rarity and adventure.

Until now, these exceptional coffees were the exclusive domain of in-person events. But we believe in sharing the extraordinary. Now, you can savour these limited releases from the comfort of your home.

  • Adventurous Flavours

    Step beyond the ordinary. These coffees boast adventurous, intricate, and captivating taste profiles that are a treat for the palate.

  • Competition-Level Excellence

    Sourced from small lots and of competition grade, these beans reflect the pinnacle of coffee craftsmanship.

  • Super Exclusive Quantities:

    Our coffees come in a distinct 100g batch, a testament to their rarity and exclusivity. This limited quantity ensures that each sip offers a fresh, unparalleled experience, bringing you closer to the world's most exceptional coffee regions.

  • A Glimpse into the World Tour

    Join 2023 World Barista Champion, Boram Um, on his global journey. As he showcases his unparalleled skills across continents, these limited releases offer a taste of the coffees that accompany him.