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Inmaculada Natural CM Sudan Rume

by Gold

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This is a 200g bag, to ensure you receive a fresh roast, this coffee is roasted every Friday this December!


Sweetness ●●●●●     Acidity ●●●●○     Body ●●●●○

There's an intensity to the flavour experience in this cup, there are floral and spice qualities. Sweet fruit tones such as raspberry, and mandarin orange are the fruit qualities. And there are secondary notes of vanilla, icing sugar and a floral of rosewater. The flavour is complex, the body is smooth and creamy, like a Turkish delight!

Varietal Sudan Rume
Process Natural Carbonic Maceration
Farm Inmaculada Coffee Farms
Producer Holguin Family
Pichinde, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Rosso Direct  

Inmaculada Coffees Farms is a family of five farms headquartered in the village of Pichinde, in the department of Valle del Cauca. It's approximately a 40 minute drive from Cali, the capital city of Valle del Cauca and the third largest city in Colombia. Surrounded by the Farallones National Park and within the Andes mountain range, showcasing elevations between 1700 and 2000 masl.

Owned and operated by the Holguin family, which has been involved within the agroindustry sector of Colombia for over ninety years. In 2010 they decided to get involved in the production of coffee and made an ambitious and rewarding choice to only plant exotic varieties; Geisha, Sudan Rume, Laurina and their most famous Eugenoides.

In 2015 their Sudan Rume was utilized to with the World Barista Championship, and in 2021 their Eugenoides, a rare-coffee species, low-in-caffeine, that's said to be a parent of Arabica.

At Inmaculada, the farms will soon be both organic and bio-dynamic certified, meaning they follow the criteria and procedures stated by both these practices, and participate in an audit from the control boards. There are no chemical inputs used in the production of these coffees, and strategic choices for planting, pruning, harvesting, etc, happen around the cycle of the moon, contributing more energy into our world when full.

Fermentation: This Sudan Rume is processed as a whole cherry carbonic maceration for 6 days.

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