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Diego Lopez—Washed Caturra Retail Web Copper
Diego Lopez—Washed Caturra Retail Web Copper

Diego Lopez—Washed Caturra

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Sweetness ●●●○○     Acidity ●●●●○     Body ●●●○○

This is a 300g bag 

The profile of this coffee has a complex citrus acidity of a key lime, touching both sweetness and fresh fruit qualities. The body is full and creamy, reminding us of butterscotch. The finish is long and the coffee remains balanced with a note of vanilla.

This lot comes from the La Palma y El Tucan (LPET) Neighbours & Crops program, which is a community program, empowering and activating nearby coffee producing families. It's a powerful business model that positively impacts the community in many different ways. 

Varietal Caturra
Process Washed, Bio-Innovation
Farm Neighbours & Crops
Producer Diego Lopez
Zipacon, Cundinamarca, Colombia
Rosso Direct  

LPET has a team called the Elite Picker Squad. This team is constantly monitoring the progress of the coffee plants throughout their farm as well as the N&C program. They focus on pruning, fertilizing, applying compost (made organically at LPET), and harvesting the cherry. This intense level of detail ensures maximum expression of the coffees harvested and premium dollar to go back and support each of the neighbouring families. They're also able to focus their efforts of other crops and projects through the security of the N&C program.

Through the bio-innovation process, La Palma y El Tucan honours the main principles of organic farming by capturing and reproducing microorganisms found within the farm to inoculate the coffee, and drive the flavours utilizing their terroir. The whole cherry is fermented for 116 hours in sealed ceramic pots inoculated with local yeasts, then pulped and fermented an additional 25 hours with mucilage in traditional open air ceramic tanks. It’s then dried for 25 days in shaded raised beds, which are both temperature and humidity controlled, and then 72 hours in mechanical drier.


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Diego Lopez—Washed Caturra Retail Web Copper
Diego Lopez—Washed Caturra Retail Web Copper

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Martin A.
No Option for Haven’t tried it

Absolutely no flavour :( - I would let know if I had tried it but opted to start with the Senja (sp?) - it’s ok. Recently finished some Gakenke (Burundi) which I really liked (Great!) as well as Hti Ta Maung (really Good to Great!) a close second. This is/was my first on-line order and looking forward to some more if/when my local supplier opts to go with another supplier. Write back in about a month and I’ll let you know about the Diego.

Greg J.
Diego Lopez

A very nice coffee I enjoyed great flavour

Shawn D.

Taste reminds me of Loverboy coffee

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