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Are you a Calgary based artist? Interested in an opportunity to showcase your work? Perhaps you know a local artist who's looking to get some recognition?

 We’re currently searching for 12 artists that we plan to feature monthly through 2020 at select Rosso locations. Last year was a huge success for the first year of this program, with the 12 featured artists collectively selling just shy of $10,000 worth of their art and opening the doors to other opportunities within the community. Regarding the sales, Rosso took zero commission. All profits from the sale of art and all recognition will be for the artists exclusively.

To apply, please email: with some samples of your work and a quick blurb about you. ALL artists are welcome to apply regardless of style, credentials or age. In 2018 we had a very talented 11 year old exhibit next to her mother's work - super cute and incredibly impressive! Applications will remain open until January 15th.

Share this with a friend who might be interested!!! It could be a big opportunity! 

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Jamie Jack
Jamie Jack

Do you have a list of artists previously featured?
Thank you!

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