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Strawberry Fields / Indonesia Retail Web Single Origin
Strawberry Fields / Indonesia Retail Web Single Origin

Strawberry Fields / Indonesia

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lime / strawberry / chocolate truffle

Sweetness ●●●●○‎ ‎ Acidity ●●●●●‎ ‎ Body ●●●●○


    We source directly from producers when we can to make sure the most profit gets to the farmer. Our sourcing values are shown through our icons on each of our coffee labels and on the back of our coffee bags.


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    Biotrē Bags 2.0

    Our 340g and 2lb coffee bags are made entirely of from plant materials and breakdown in a relatively short period of time.

     Biotrē 2.0 FAQ 

    Are these bags completely compostable?
    No, due to the inner lining made of sugar cane. However, this layer is made sustainably with 100% renewable material (meaning not made of fossil fuels, but instead bio-based and natural resources that can be replenished through a natural process).

    That’s not all. About 60% of the bag components break down under standard composting conditions, so they can be partially composted in your back yard compost. Go earth!

    Can I put this in the city compost?

    You should not put these bags in the Calgary city compost, due to rudimentary composting facilities. However, you can compost the outer lining in a healthy home compost which will break down within 12 weeks. Dispose of the sugar cane layer in the garbage afterward.

    What if I don't have access to a backyard compost?
    Please dispose of the bags in the garbage. It may feel wasteful, however, these bags will break down at least 10 times faster in a landfill vs other coffee bags because of the plant-based materials they're made with.

    How are these bags better for the environment?
    The plant-based components that go into Biotre® 2.0 absorb the greenhouse gas CO2 through natural plant respiration prior to being used. Manufacturing these bags produces a significantly smaller carbon footprint (as much as 60% less from the typical coffee bags). They break down much faster in the landfill as well. We're talking 5-10 years vs 100 years, which is the time it takes for most other coffee bags to break down!


    Our 340g and 2lb bags are made with Biotrē 2.0 materials, which are 60% compostable and 100% renewable, including the valve!

    Additional FAQ on our new bags

    What’s the difference between the red bag and the black bag?
    The red bag contains the coffees with an acidity rating from 3-5. The black bag contains coffees with an acidity rating of 2 or lower.
    In summary: coffees that are a little more adventurous—red; comfortable and more classic coffees—black.

    How does the Sweetness, Acidity, and Body Scale work?

    This is an internal scale from 0-5 comparing our own coffees. Each coffee is cupped and the sweetness, acidity, and body are rated. Keep in mind that different brewing methods may affect results.

    Why isn’t my phone reading the QR code?

    If you’re using an iPhone, you may need to use your QR Code Scanner instead of your camera app. The QR Code Scanner is located in the Control Centre.


    Strawberry Fields / Indonesia Retail Web Single Origin
    Strawberry Fields / Indonesia Retail Web Single Origin

    Strawberry Fields / Indonesia

    lime  /  strawberry  /  chocolate truffle

    Sweetness ●●●●○     Acidity ●●●●●     Body ●●●●○

    This coffee is a vibrant and intricately layered brew. It greets your palate with the lively flavours of fresh strawberry and zesty lime, creating an exhilarating start. As you delve deeper, you'll be delighted by the velvety, chocolatey mouthfeel that adds a comforting dimension. The finish is enduring, graced with hints of red wine and the lingering sweetness of marmalade, leaving a lasting and memorable impression.

    Varietal Kartika
    Process "Kamala" Inoculated anaerobic natural
    Farm Kintamani small producers
    Producer Catur, Karana Global
    Geography Batukaang, Kintamani, Bali
    Rosso Direct Trade

    About the Farm

    • CATUR Coffee represents a collaborative endeavor aimed at enhancing the coffee production landscape in Indonesia. It is operated by So So Good Coffee Company and involves six distinct processing facilities located throughout the archipelago. CATUR employs various yeast strains to develop unique flavor profiles in the coffee. These facilities categorize their output into four flavor categories: BUMI, SENJA, PUCUK, and KAMALA.
    • "KAMALA, a term signifying 'lotus' and 'pale red' in Sanskrit, embodies our vision of experimental yet purposeful post-harvest techniques for Indonesian coffees. KAMALA offerings boast a diverse range of fruity, boozy, and extraordinary flavors, primarily achieved through anaerobic natural techniques and trial-based inoculants." - Mikael Jasin, Founder
    • This particular batch hails from the island of Bali and is processed by KARANA GLOBAL, a boutique producer/processor specializing in Indonesian Specialty Coffee. They began as a micro-lot processor focused on enhancing the quality of Arabica and Robusta products sourced from coffee plantations in Kintamani and Tabanan. They have since expanded their involvement to support the operations of these plantations in Kintamani, providing training and employment opportunities for local communities while contributing to initiatives related to community education and environmental conservation. Karana Global stands as a local leader in coffee fermentation techniques and plays an essential role in the growth and development of CATUR Coffee through collaborative idea exchange.
    • This collaboration between CATUR and Karana Global has resulted in the processing of 169,000 kg of cherry in the Kintamani area, yielding approximately 30,000 kg of green beans across various profiles. Notably, this initiative has a direct positive impact on 135 local families.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews

    Strawberry flavor hits wt the beginning of the coffee and has a smooth connect to dark taste node. It is pretty good coffee. I used hario pour over coffee

    Balanced, nuanced, interesting

    Would just like a bit more funk from that anaerobic process . But ultimately this is an amazing coffee for the price ! Really good on pour over or espresso

    Kelvin Poon
    Darker roast than expected

    With a description of notes suggesting brightness and acidity, I didn't expect the beans to be roasted as dark as they were, quite oily in fact. The fruit/citrus notes are fleeting at best and mainly absent and the darkness of the roast brings out more of the cocoa/chocolate undertones instead.


    Nice flavour, smooth

    Mariia Direktorenko

    Strawberry Fields / Indonesia

    Biotre bags are made 100% from plant based material.

    Both the manufacturing and disposing process is better for the environment.

    Composting Biotrē Bags

    You can compost the outer lining in a healthy home compost, which will break down within 12 weeks.