Meet Jam Jar's Producers: Tega & Tula

Tega & Tula, West Arsi Washing Station, Sidamo, Ethiopia

The coffee industry is constantly evolving, with coffee farming becoming increasingly advanced and coffee quality improving over time. That's why when selecting our partnerships, we seek out producers who share our values and are committed to sustainable practices. One such producer that we're excited to introduce you to is Tega & Tula!

Located in the Sidamo region of Ethiopia, Tega & Tula's West Arsi Washing Station is renowned for producing exceptional coffee. The station is located in the highest Kogne mountain of West Arsi, surrounded by pristine wild forests and the Hodum River.

What sets Tega & Tula apart is their commitment to both sustainable farming practices and surrounding local communities. They provide employment opportunities to locals and invest in community projects, such as building schools, roads, and health clinics. Tega & Tula also provides climate-smart farming education programs, as well as disease-resistant coffee seedlings to support their community members.

The quality of the coffee and the well-being of the community go hand in hand. When you choose to enjoy Tega & Tula's coffee, you're not just getting a delicious cup, you're also supporting a business that's making a positive impact.


 Current Release:

Jam Jar Natural JARC varieties
This lot is processed at Tega & Tula's West Arsi washing station, and consists of the JARC varietals 760, 762, and 764. The name JARC is actually an acronym that stands for the Jimma Agricultural Research Center, and this is where the varietal was research and developed. Since 1967, JARC has released 42 coffee varieties for different regions of Ethiopia. 

Nelson's notes!

For this coffee I'm finding a lot of sweetness and a syrupy body, especially as it cools down. So for my pour over recipe, I chose a flat bottom brewer and a larger coffee dose to enhance that syrupy mouthfeel. 

My Recipe

25g of Jam Jar ground medium coarse (8.5 on my ek43) 
420g hot water at 92°c
Kalita Wave 185 Brewer & Filter (or flat bottom brewer filters)

  1. Start timer, pour 85g in slow circles
  2. @1:00, pour 165g in slow circles again, washing down the sides, scale will read 250g 
  3. @1:40 pour 170g in the middle slowly, scale will read 420g
  4. Enjoy!


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