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Origami Air S Dripper

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Origami Air S Dripper

Regular price$41.00 Sale price
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Origami Air Small Dripper

Comes with AS resin holder!* 

This is a resin plastic version of othe Origami Drippers. 

The ORIGAMI dripper was designed by the founder of Trunk Coffee in collaboration with Origami Japan. It features a beautiful and playful design with 20 ridges that optimizes the bloom and brew speed for maximum control.

This S size dripper is suitable for 1-2 cups of pour over coffee. It fits size 01 Hario filters, 1-2 cup Kono filters, Kalita 155 filters, as well as other small conical filters. 


*The AS resin holder has a ridge design that holds the brewer for a more stable brewing experience. The holder is also made in Japan. Your origami dripper will no longer be slanted while brewing! 

Dripper & holder are hand wash only. 

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