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This is the Sumava we've known and loved the last four years on our menu. It's sweet, it's ripe and it's filled with flavour. This season we're finding sweet melon and white peach qualities define the cup profile, with compliments of citrus tones and a lovely underlying milk chocolate. It's a layer cup that's comfortable and round. You'll love it.

Francisco Mena, is the proprietor of Sumava and oversees operations. Each year we've been to Costa Rica (each year since 2015) to visit and tour other farms and mills, we've stopped in for a visit to Sumava to see the upgrades. It's one of the most organized coffee operations we've set foot on. This year we're offering an honey process, which is incredibly sweet, round and velvety.

In 2016, Sumava won the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence which is an incredibly prestigious award. The coffee they submitted to the competition was an incredibly rare species of coffee called Ethiopia H3 - which is not what we're featuring on our menu. Rather, we're featuring a Catuai species which is juicy, citric and sweet. We feel it's a fantastic single origin filter or espresso offering.


Region: West Valley
Country: Costa Rica
Producer: Francisco Mena
Varietal: Catuai
Process: White Honey
Elevation: 1670 - 1780m
Tasting Notes: Sweet Melon, White Peach, Milk Chocolate
Roasted For: Filter
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