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Santa Cruz Inoculated Washed Gesha — Ships on Dec. 20

by Rosso Coffee

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Sweetness ●●●●○    Acidity ●●●○     Body ●●○○○

This is a 200g bag 

This lot is floral and fruity, with jasmine, rose-tea, orange blossom, honey, complimented by mandarin orange, peach, and a sweetened iced tea sort of mouthfeel and balance. There are tropical notes that sneak pineapple, lychee and passionfruit into the equation.

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Lot 174
Varietal Gesha
Process Washed
Farm Santa Cruz
Producer Pepe Jose Arguello Enriquez
La Concordia, Chiapas, Mexico
Rosso Direct  
The Argüello Enriquez family are the owners of Finca Santa Cruz, a back to back COE-winning farm, located near the Biofera del Triunfo bio-reserve. Pepe Jose Argüello Enriquez, the youngest member of the family, took over the farm in 2016 and decided to put his efforts into specialty coffee. He wanted to demonstrate Mexico's capability of providing great coffee to the world. He has successfully achieved the goal of putting his Mexican coffee amongst some of the best quality coffees on the planet. Located on the side of the Triunfo Biosphere Reserve - a cloud forest type of environment that gives a beautiful backdrop and terroir to Santa Cruz. Throughout the coffee plants, you'll find other species of plants with shade trees included as well. Only selective picking is done under the supervision of Pepe. In 2019, Finca Santa Cruz was awarded the highest score ever in the history of the Cup of Excellence Mexico, with a 93.04 for a natural Geisha. In 2021, Finca Santa Cruz was again awarded the the winner of Cup of Excellence Mexico, with a 91.58 for a natural Gesha.
FERMENTATION: This lot is a washed Gesha, which is harvested during a full moon (biodynamic), the cherries undergo 48 hours, in a open air fermentation in the form of parchment and mucilage, with a yeast inoculation (Sacharomyces Cereviceae). Two days of direct sun drying, followed by 16 days of shaded drying in raised beds, and a 14 day stabilization period at 20% humidity prior to drying to 11%.

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