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Santa Cruz Honey Gesha Lot 110 - Ships on Nov. 29

by Rosso Coffee

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Sweetness ●●●●●     Acidity ●●●●○     Body ●●●○○

This is a 200g bag 

This is a sweet and refreshing Gesha profile, it reminds us of a sweetened lemon iced tea, with a wonderful brown sugar quality. The profile is refreshing, with chamomile complexity, canteloupe and mandarin orange, playing into the complexity of the cup profile. As the cup cools, the sweetness continues to lift.

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Varietal Gesha
Process Semi-Washed
Farm Finca Santa Cruz
Producer Jose Arguello
La Concordia, Chiapas, Mexico
Rosso Direct  
The Argüello Enríquez family are the owners of Finca Santa Cruz, located near the Biósfera del Triunfo reserve, at 1400 to 1700 MASL.

It was 4 years ago when José Argüello, the youngest family member, decided to produce Specialty Coffee to demonstrate Mexico's capability of providing great coffee to the world, as well as the ability to compete with the world's best coffees out there.

In 2018 they created a protocol which was replicated in 2019 and went on to compete at Mexico's Excellence Cup contest. They won 1st place with a score of 93.04 for its natural Geisha. This marks the highest score in the history of Mexico COE.

José Argüello is married to Berenice Coutiño Ruiz and they have three kids: Emilio, José Manuel and Federico.

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Released on a set schedule, these coffees are the highest echelon of quality that we find through our extensive sourcing program, Rosso Direct. These coffees can be rare varietals, be processed with experimental techniques and are framed with complex, vibrant flavours. Often times when selecting a coffee for competition, the coffee's flavours will inspire the performance.