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NATURAL SL28 lot 157

Product image 1NATURAL SL28 lot 157
Product image 2NATURAL SL28 lot 157
Product image 3NATURAL SL28 lot 157
Product image 4NATURAL SL28 lot 157
Product image 5NATURAL SL28 lot 157

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Winey, refreshing and out of this world. The harmony of flavour present in this coffee are truly unique and unlike any other coffee we've tried. Look for a crisp blood orange acidity, backed by a medley of black currants and black berries. The sweetness is high, bordering on candy-like, with a body that'll leave your mouth watering like your favourite juice box as a child. 
We have a limited amount of this coffee with only 20 bags available.

This isn't your average natural processing technique. Rather than sending the clean and uniform SL28 cherries straight to raised beds to dry, it was fermented in cherry, in an anaerobic environment for 66 hours - this is believed to have created the unbelievable mouthfeel and the complex winey acidity. After this anaerobic fermentation, the coffee is then sent to dry on raised beds for 18 days and finished in a controlled mechanical dryer for an additional 30 hours after that. This has resulted in an amazing coffee with a unique and utterly complex flavour profile

This Natural SL28 is a competition worthy coffee and we believe it would compete as one of the best in the World.
This is the second year working with La Palma y El Tucan.
La Palma y El Tucan is a near carbon neutral coffee operation.
We scored this nano-lot at 91 points.
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