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This is a sweet coffee with a heavy mouth feel and smooth composure. The flavors remind us of sticky fruits like peach and raspberry, that will leave your mouth watering. Secondary flavors of almond and dark chocolate will follow and lift as the coffee cools.

Myin Dwin is the name of a village within the Ywangan area of Myanmar. We had the opportunity to visit Myin Dwin and get to meet the majority of their 27 members. It was amazing to see how receptive they were to feedback and how keen they were to ask for our thoughts. It's just the second season they've been focusing on producing specialty coffee within this community and a lot of that has to do with U Than Soe, the manager of Myin Dwin.

U Than Soe lives and works in the community of Myin Dwin and is the one that has really helped shift the focus on the production of coffee. In 2015, U Than Soe worked on increasing the quality of his coffee, which surrounds his home, and submitted this small selection to the 1st Coffee Cupping Competition in Myanmar and received a 5th Place award. This was a competition sponsored by USAID, Winrock International and Myanmar Coffee Association.

With this award and new found passion, U Than Soe motivated the members of his village to begin a coffee station with the hope to sell their coffee internationally. We're thrilled to have this offering on our menu and even more thrilled to see how Myin Dwin utilizes the profits from our purchase to improve the quality and efficiency next season. We purchased approximately 25% of there production in 2018.

The coffee cultivated in these villages are fascinating to examine. The majority of the plants are surrounding homes and mixed with other agricultural crops which are utilized for day to day consumption. With very little access to pesticides or artificial fertilizers, these plants all thrive in a very jungle-like appearance. This is a technique called agro-forestry, where all the crops work in a symbiotic manner and provide different nutrients for the soils and for one another. Here we saw coffee planted among tea shrubs, mangos, avocado, citrus, squash, etc. A very natural and very organic style of farming. Something this village has always practiced.

Producer: Myin Dwin Village (27 members)
Station Manager: U Than Soe
Farm: Small backyard gardens throughout the village
Country: Myanmar
Build Date: 2016
First Year Rosso Purchased: 2018
Region: Ywangan, Shan State, Myanmar
Varietal: Mixed Varieties 
Process: Natural
Elevation: 1350 masl
Tasting Notes: Peach, Raspberry, Sweet, Juicy, Dark Chocolate, Almond
This is the first year visiting and purchasing from Myin Dwin Village.
This community of farmers works and lives on top of virgin soils.
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