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This is a sweet and vibrant coffee - just like your love life, we're certain. It's filled with rich and layered chocolate tones and sweet and juicy tropical fruit qualities. It's a versatile coffee that can be used for espresso or filter, or whatever your heart desires. Limited to 200 bags.

The coffee is produced in Panama, in a region called Volcan. We visited there in July to meet the family behind the operations and to better understand what they're doing. To be honest with you, they're producing the best coffee on the planet today. They're American ex-pats who decided to get into coffee when their children were young. Jamison and Leslie Savage are world renowned for their farm Finca Deborah - they've won numerous global coffee competitions, they're featured in Michelin star restaurants globally and your buddies at Rosso are the only ones in Canada with their coffee.

Now, this coffee isn't from Finca Deborah, it's from a secondary program they have called Savage Coffees, where they're purchasing coffee cherries from four different estates and then they're using their highly sophisticated processing infrastructure to guide and refine flavours in each intentional lot.

Producer: Jamison Savage, Savage Coffees
Farmers: Small Estates throughout Volcan
Micro-Mill: Savage Coffees
Country: Panama

Region: Volcan, Panama
Varietal: Catuai
Processing Techniques Purchased: Natural
Elevation: 1550 - 1800

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Nectarine, Juicy
Roasted For: Filter


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