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This is a versatile coffee that works well across a spectrum of brewing styles. It's a clean natural coffee with intense fruit tones that come through in the form of blackberry and strawberry. You'll find a long and pleasant dark chocolate note throughout each sip.

Behind the Leaf is a project that fascinates us in Myanmar. Run by three amazing individuals and located outside of a small township called Pinlaung. The founder of the project is an American woman named Melanie Edwards. She's been living in Southeast Asia for over a decade and first moved there with the intention of bringing sustainable source of clean water to remote areas in Thailand and soon after, Myanmar.

There are two operations that function simultaneously. The first is Behind the Leaf. That's the name of the micro-mill they've built with the intention of organizing nearby villages to produce coffee at a higher tier of quality and to educate them on the potential that this crop can yield. For these nearby villages, many of them are not connected to stable power sources, many don't have roadways and are truly off the grid. Melanie and her team are working to connect with them and to help them develop a more sustainable life. 

One initiative that Behind the Leaf is doing is sustainable water systems. After working with a chemical engineer in Cambodia in the early 2000's Melanie learned how to build clay water filtration systems. That knowledge as well as the Christian church was what originally led her to Myanmar, as she could benefit the people in rural communities by providing clean water. People such as the Pa-o. Here she founded a company with two Myanmar locals and began building and distributing these water filters. They're built with rice husks infused into ceramic, to give it the proper porosity and paired with silver nitrate to act as the filter and strip the toxins. The water that comes out the other side is noticeably clean and very nice to drink. You can find these filtration systems at all of our locations, providing clean drinking water.

This is the first project coffee we've launched. What that means, aside from the emblem on the bag is that a dollar from each bag sold will go toward producing these water filtration systems and expanding the outreach that Lilypad and Behind the Leaf are having in their community in Myanmar.

For more information about this coffee, please refer to our Journal.

Producer: Behind the Leaf
Station Manager: U Khine
Farm: Small Producers in the village of Hti ta Maung
Micro-Mill: Behind the Leaf
Country: Myanmar
Build Date: 2017
First Year Rosso Purchased: 2018

Region: Pinlaung, Myanmar
Varieties: Catuai, SL34, CR T8667
Processing Techniques Purchased: Natural
Elevation: 1500-1600m

Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate
Roasted For: Espresso/Filter Black Bags

This is our first year visiting and purchasing from Behind the Leaf Coffee.
This community of farmers works and lives on top of virgin soils.
This is our first project coffee. With each purchase of Hti Ta Maung, we'll donate $1 toward clean water systems being distributed amongst coffee producing villages in Myanmar, partnering with Behind the Leaf and Lilypad.
Facts about Hti Ta Maung Village;
The ethnic tribe is Pa-O
Total Households in Village - 170 
Village Population - approximately 800 
Households selling coffee to Behind the Leaf - 102
They have been selling coffee to Behind the Leaf for 3 years now.  
Every household that sold coffee received a free water filter from Behind the Leaf this year - 102
Behind the Leaf hosted a vision clinic and fitted 35 people from Hti Ta Maung with glasses.
School is Kindergarten to sixth grade, student population is 95.  In pre-school they have 40 children.
Main crops are Tea, Avocado and Coffee
The village has electricity and spring water.  
The village does not have a proper road, it is 3 miles from the main road and difficult to travel in the rainy season (6 months).
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