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Finca Deborah 'Afterglow' Natural Geisha — Ships on Nov. 29

by Rosso Coffee

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Sweetness ●●●●●     Acidity ●●●○○     Body ●●●●●

This is a 200g bag 

This Geisha has deep and intense fruit flavours and shows the depth of sweetness possible for a coffee. There is a medley of red fruit flavours, like strawberry and raspberry, with juicy nectarine a syrupy body, and immensely sweet.

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Varietal Geisha
Process Natural
Farm Finca Deborah
Producer Jamison Savage
Volcan, Chiriqui, Panama
Rosso Direct  
Jamison Savage and Finca Deborah have become synonymous with quality coffee, globally, with Finca Deborah winning prestigious coffee competitions around the world. Jamison now pre-books his coffees well before the season starts. 

These Geisha cherries have gone through a natural anaerobic fermentation. Placed in a stainless-steel fermentation tank equipped with an airlock valve, this system allows oxygen to escape the tank but stops anything from getting inside.

The process starts with harvesting perfectly ripe Geisha cherries, reading 21-24 on BRIX. Cherries are then carefully selected for a second time before processing.

Next, the pulped coffee is tanked for an extended period of time with constant monitoring and cataloging of PH, temperature, and CO2 levels. After the required time inside the CO2-infused tanks, the coffee is removed and placed on shaded, raised, African beds. Direct sunlight is avoided as the intense UV and heat can cause cracking in parchment. Temperatures, heat, and humidity are controlled inside the dry houses and carefully maintained

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Released on a set schedule, these coffees are the highest echelon of quality that we find through our extensive sourcing program, Rosso Direct. These coffees can be rare varietals, be processed with experimental techniques and are framed with complex, vibrant flavours. Often times when selecting a coffee for competition, the coffee's flavours will inspire the performance.