Our philosophy for coffee is similar to our values here in our community. We want to harness and cultivate relationships to try and bring the best to all parties involved. When it comes to buying coffee, we firmly believe in the same practices and we're proud to say we work with the same producers year after year. 

What are the advantages?

By dealing directly with producers, we're able to share insight and collaboration, with the goal of producing and sharing the best coffee possible. In turn, the producer is paid a higher premium for their coffee and can ensure our continuous support, year after year. With this philosophy and practice, we believe we can leverage our community of coffee drinkers to support communities of coffee producers.

In the three years we've been sourcing coffee directly, we've maintained and grown with numerous of our producers. Because of this, you'll see similar names on our menu as the years go on. Each year, when the coffee returns, you might find subtle lifts in sweetness, complexity, acidity or body. These subtle lifts are celebrated as improvements to quality and success stories with our relationships.