Paper Street

What is Paper St.?

We love to travel and we love to eat.  Local street food has, and always will be, the best tasting dishes we have had the opportunity to enjoy while visiting different countries. It's these carts and street stalls that show you the passion of the people, and lets you briefly inside their lives and their experiences. In our eyes there is no better way to experience the local culture. When we remember a place we’ve visited we often remember the food first.  If you are skipping what's being served on the street across the world then you're missing out.  Paper St. is about sharing those memories, dishes and flavors.  Our offerings will be somewhat familiar, somewhat foreign, sometimes surprising, but most importantly, absolutely delicious.

Our menus will change frequently. They will sometimes be because of a fantastic ‘new’ food discovery on our travels, an incredible recommendation we received from one of our guests or an opportunity to showcase some local seasonal products. We encourage each of our chefs to create items based on their personal culinary experiences.  While our offerings will not be exactly “traditional” nor will they be “fusion”, what we do make is honest, exceptional food that isn’t too serious. We’re making the foods we love to eat, in a place where our friends can gather, and we’d love for you to join us.

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