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Competition Lot

Natural Anaerobic Java
Limited Release from La Esperanza

We’ve had many incredible offerings from Cafe Granja La Esperanza in the first half of 2021 and they just keep bringing their A-game! This coffee is on the higher end of their quality spectrum, showcasing a complex, layered cup. The aroma delights with delicate floral tones supported by a background of cocoa nibs. Initial sips present a refreshing flavor of candied grapefruit. As the cup cools, hints of plum and panela sugar are revealed, all underpinned by a silky smooth mouthfeel. An exciting coffee to experience, down to the last sip!

To break down what makes this coffee special we’ll have to start with the variety. The Java coffee variety falls under the genetic umbrella of Ethiopian Landrace varieties, the most famous example of which being the coveted Geisha variety. The Java has high flavor potential, just like the Geisha variety, with the plus of being more resistant to disease. The next intricate layer was woven when brothers Rigoberto and Luis Herrera, third generation producers on their farm La Esperanza, treated this Java to a careful fermentation process. 

The freshly harvested, ripe coffee cherries were placed in plastic barrels and sealed, promoting an anaerobic environment for fermentation. The barrels were kept in a cool environment, with regular temperature checks, to draw out the fermentation over 7 days. Post fermentation the cherries were mechanically dried for 24 hours, before being spread on raised beds to dry for 20 days, like a traditional dry natural process. We want to recognize the exceptional effort of almost 30 days of labor, not to mention the cultivation of the trees and subsequent hand picking of the cherries, that lead to this exceptional coffee you now have in your hands. 

Thank you to Rigoberto, Luis and their team at La Esperanza for so significantly elevating the humble experience of a cup of coffee!