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The coffee at Rosso has always been about community and sharing coffee is something we love doing. Coffee has an amazing ability to tell a story of growth and of passion. A story not just about the coffee's journey, but of their producers and partners as well. In any given year, there will be a handful of thought provoking, expressive coffees that can't make it to our main menu due to price or availability. Cole's Choice will be a limited run of these special coffees. However, once a bean is gone, we will have to find another special coffee to take its place! 

It is no secret that we drink a lot of coffee, but there are some coffees that stop us in our tracks. Generally, cost will be the limiting factor that stops these coffees from reaching our menus. Cole's Choice will feature these coffees at cost, a new model called "break even beans". The Coffees in this program have their own stories to tell. Some will be of unfamiliar varietals, others have experimental processing methods and sometimes even our competition coffees will make an appearance as well!

 cole's current choice
Region: Volcan
Origin: Panama
Farm(ers): Finca Deborah
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Washed Cascara Infused Carbonic Maceration
Flavour notes: Plum, Apricot, Five Alive, Chardonnay
Body: Medium, Creamy


Hey there! I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful brew of the second coffee in the Cole’s Choice series. I’m excited to share with you an incredible coffee that was used in the finals of the World Barista Championships in 2019.

At Finca Deborah the name of the game is perfecting the confluence of experimental fermentation with the Geisha variety. This lot of Geisha cherries went through a washed carbonic maceration and were fermented with an additional infusion of cascara (the separated and dried skin of a coffee cherry) for a total of 50 hours, resulting in a juice-bomb type flavour profile with high complexity and many floral flavours. This has been deemed 'Echo' because of the long lasting play on your tongue. An amazing expansion on the traditional flavor of the Geisha variety. 

The Panamanian Geisha variety is an isolated Ethiopian Landrace variety that began distribution in Panama in the 1960’s but exponentially grew in popularity beginning in 2004. The Peterson family of La Esmeralda entered their Geisha lot into the year’s “Best of Panama” competition and auction winning with an, at the time, huge auction price of over $20/lb. The varieties famed potential for exceptional cup quality in the shape of delicate florals and complex fruit sweetness has only grown since then, due in no small part to fermentation experiments like Finca Deborah's "Echo" processing. 

Finca Deborah is owned by Jamison Savage, an American expat who started their cultivation of coffee in 2010. His name and the farms he manages have since become synonymous with quality coffee globally. The farm itself is in excess of 1900 metres above sea level, the high elevation being a major contributor to thriving plant health and flavor development.

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