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Did you know the coffee we drink day in and day out begins its life as a cherry on a tree? That means it's a fruit. Its journey begins when it is carefully picked from the tree. At that stage, the back bone of its characteristics have been structured. Similar to when you buy your favourite type of apple from the grocery store. Following that, there are numerous stages, which will play a hand in those flavours, enhancing certain attributes and possibly mellowing out others. 

We always have a wide variety of coffees that fall into either an adventurous or a comfortable sort of profile. To see our current menu and what might show up on your doorstep, click here.

One of the best ways to learn about coffee is to taste and experience different origins, cultivars, processes and roasts. This subscription program is an ideal way to taste your way through coffee, as we will always send you either our current favourite or a new menu offering. It's an exciting way to venture through the world of coffee. If you end up having a coffee you're over the moon about, let us know and we'll make sure that coffee makes its way to your door again. We want this program to be as easy and flexible as you are!

Benefits of the Coffee Subscription

  • Have a constant supply of freshly roasted coffee delivered right to your door.
  • Free local delivery on orders $25 and up!
  • You'll always receive the freshest, in-season coffee offerings. 
  • Full control of frequency, volume and roast style.
  • Affordable shipping and cost savings off the retail price of coffee.
  • The longer the subscription, the greater variety of coffee you'll receive.
  • We'll share the knowledge we gain through our coffee adventures directly with you! 
  • Your credit card will be billed on Monday, and your coffee will arrive on your doorstep by Wednesday. Shipment outside of Calgary will depend on your location. However, your coffee will leave our hands by Tuesday. 

*If you find a coffee you absolutely love, please write us and let us know - we can send you one specific coffee until we're out of inventory for the season. We'd be flattered if there was a coffee on our menu you'd like to drink all the time!

**If you want to have both filter and espresso, you can make a note on check out and we can easily arrange that for you :)

Once your order is received, it will be processed and shipped in 1-3 days.

Free delivery in Calgary for orders over $20.
Free delivery across Canada & the US for orders over $75

Take our coffee quiz to find the right Rosso beans for you!