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Don Joel Yellow Honey San Roque

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Don Joel Yellow Honey San Roque

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This season we’ve committed to buying some of Allan’s SL San Roque (it's not quite SL28, but a variation of that variety). This is a variety that's now six years old and is tasting beautiful in the cup. Very much reminiscent of a Kenya style of coffee, with a bright and complex citric acidity, there is a savoury undertone that reminds us of cola or tonic, adding an interesting, refreshing layer into this coffee.

Don Joel
Varietal San Roque
Process Yellow Honey
Farm Finca La Cumbre
Producer Allan Oveido
San Luis de Grecia, West Valley, Costa Rica
Rosso Direct  

We have purchased coffee from Allan Oveido and his Micro-mill, Don Joel, since 2015. It's actually one of the first producers we purchased coffee from directly at Rosso. Based in the West Valley of Costa Rica, Allan and his family operate around 20 hectares of coffee production and produce the bulk of it as honey process. He's very talented with his honey coffee, showing great aromatics, fantastic flavour perception and deep, heavy tactile sensations.

Every year that we've visited (2019 being the most recent), Allan has added new innovations and technologies to the Micro-mill, which is so positive for us to see. It's really rewarding to see re-investment in quality, efficiency and standard of life, upon our re-visits to origin. If our producing partners are improving, that in theory should mean that we continue to improve!

This particular coffee is special to us for a few reasons. First and foremost, the seven year old trees are producing nice yields with high quality flavour. The reason this is special is because we saw these exact trees just months after they were planted during our first visit to the Don Joel Micro-mill and Allan's farm, La Cumbre. So in an interesting parental sense, we've seen this coffee grow up and, now, we're seeing the incredible flavour profile it shows in the cup. A really special experience for our team at Rosso.

A honey processed coffee is pulped, meaning the cherry is spliced open and the mucilage inside is exposed. Rather than cleaning it all off the seeds using water to rinse, the coffee is brought to dry covered in this mucilage. This will lead to increased sweetness with jammy or honey-like body. For this yellow honey process, half of mucilage is left on with the coffee seeds to dry. No intentional fermentation stage occurs.

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