Competition Lot

There is a lot going on in a cup of this Natural Geisha. Within a single sip you are taken on a little journey. It starts off with a bang, an intense brightness that reminds us of biting into a fresh kiwi. After the initial vibrancy, a comforting raspberry jam sweetness wells up. As the proverbial sun sets, you’re left with a delicate florality to conclude the story. Then you get to take another sip!

This fun coffee comes from Cerro Azul, a famous farm in Colombia, owned by Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera of Café Granja La Esperanza. Geisha from Cerro Azul has been used in various coffee competitions around the world and even the finals of the World Barista Competition. The farm is a sizable 20 hectares that solely grows bronze-tip and green-tip Geisha, due to its ideal climatic conditions for the variety. After harvest, processing is handled by another of the Herrera's farms, La Esperanza

To begin, the whole Geisha cherries are fermented for approximately 36 hours. Following this, they are dried for 48 hours in a silo at 35 degrees. After the two days in a silo, they are further dried in a solar dryer for an additional 15 days. The combination of the initial fermentation and extensive traditional, Natural-style drying leads to an incredible acidity that adds a punch to the well known Geisha flavors of fruit and florals.

We hope you enjoy the journey brought to you by Cerro Azul’s Natural Geisha!