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Free Shipping—for orders over $20 in Calgary & orders over $75 Canada & USA!


General Questions

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Like the wine

We roast Sunday - Friday every day in Calgary, Canada!

We recommend storing coffee in a cool, dry place, away from heat and light.

Approximately ...

A 340g bag will make 15 cups of coffee.
A 2lb bag will make 41 cups of coffee.
A 5lb bag will make 103 cups of coffee.

We try our hardest to offer the freshest green coffee available and because coffee is a seasonal product, our offerings will be constantly changing.
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We don't normally focus on traditional roast levels when roasting. We focus on roasting coffee to express its best characteristics. On a spectrum, however, our coffees can be considered on the light side of medium. Our blends can be considered closer to medium, showing a little more colour.

Do you have free shipping?

We offer free shipping:
IN Calgary for orders over $20
Within Canada, for orders over $75

Yes, of course! All PO box orders will be shipped via Canada Post.