Capsule Brewing Tips

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Brewing Two Wheel Capsule Coffee

Top Five Best Brewing Tips for Making Capsule Coffee.

1. Clean your machine!

A clean machine is a happy machine. Coffee has natural oils that build up over time inside your machine. This coffee grime negatively effects your capsule coffee with old and dirty off flavours. You can help prevent build up by running a cycle of just water after you have brewed a coffee!

Run a water cycle after your extraction!


2. Don't use tap water!

There are two main reasons to not use tap water.

i. Your cup of coffee is approximately 98.5% water! By using a soft (low ppm) water you can extract more tasty stuff in your cup.

ii. If your tap water is like what we have in Calgary, it is quite heavy (high ppm) that means as your machine heats up water, scale (minerals) will build up in your machine's boiler, making your machine work much harder when it comes to heating up water. 


3. Run a water cycle before your extraction!

Most machines need a little bit of encouragement to warm up and get to the proper brewing temperature. By running a water cycle before you brew a coffee, this warms up your machine and your cup! But also this will flush any grime and clean your machine, resulting in a better cup of coffee.


4. Shake your capsules!

Give your capsules a shake or two before inserting them into your machine. Shaking your capsules breaks up any clumps inside and will let you evenly extract the capsule. Even extraction results in a properly extracted and more balanced cup.


5. Use the right sized cup!

 Coffee capsules contain a small amount of coffee to create an espresso styled drink. A larger cup might need a second capsule! 

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Brilliant! Any chance you will also do Nespresso Vertuo capsules too?

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