#RossoPartner - Ox and Angela

We've had the opportunity to work with Ox & Angela since the beginning of 2015.

The team has a huge driving force behind knowing what goes into their dishes - where that product comes from, who is behind the production and how that plays into the taste. We LOVE that.

It's been such a great adventure working with each and every one of the staff at Ox & Angela to ensure the best understanding of the coffee that goes through their espresso machines. Making coffee is definitely not an easy task but we're proud to announce that a high quality beverage can be ordered at Ox & Angela time and time again. Of course, we're loose on the term 'beverage' because we're big fans of sangria and we've had a few high quality pitchers during our time. 


What would we order for dinner?

Ox & Angela has a great selection of tapas on their menu, a few of our favourites being the stuffed Persian dates, marinated beets and the Za'atar fried chicken. Without hesitation, we'd be washing our food down with a pitcher of Sangria - rojo is our preference - or perhaps a mojito. We rarely leave without wrapping our meal up with an order of Chocolate and Churros to pair with a latte or cappuccino. Sounds like we have to go for dinner soon.

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